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CyD Network Utilities - Security tools 2016

Compatible with: XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Window


CyD Network Utilities is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. This is an excellent collection of easy-to-use network utilities for any network administrator. CyD NET Utils offers many TCP/IP utilities in one program. Its capabilities include: check oopen ports (checking running services), scanning for open resources and security test...

This software is created by hackers and security specialists for system administrators and security specialists. The main module is a Security tester that allows you to test WEB server or WEB site on:

  • SQL Injection errors
  • Include errors
  • XSS injection

Registered users could get free e-mail consultations on founded vulnerabilities. We will test your WEB page by hand absolutely free-of-charge.

The computer test is a very difficult. Sometimes the program could alert on pages that do not have any errors, but the server has some symptom. We are always improving our testing engine to be more precisely.

CyD Network Utilities - Security tools screen shot

Benefits after registration:

  • The software will be always functional (instead of trial period)
  • No time and function limitations
  • Closed functions will be accessible
  • All updates and new versions are FREE in two years!
  • Registration code and instructions will be delivered to you by e-mail
  • Free e-mail technical support

Please take the time to register.

CyD Network Utilities - Security tools

Minimum Requirements Microsoft .NET 2.0
Compatible with:XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Window
DownloadDownload CyD Network Utilities - Security tools

First Steps:

This Help File contains all kinds of information about how to use the product. The program has an easy and convenient interface. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and users is able to start working with the program immediately after completing the setup process. The interface shows only those tools necessary and accessible at any point in the program.

Download CyD Network Utilities - Security tools E-Book. This document may be in MS Word format.

CyD Network Utilities - Security tools E-Book: Download Open

Additional information:

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