CyD Network Utilities - Security tools 2013

CyD Network Utilities - Security tools 2013 is now available to download free-of-charge. I significantly improved SOAP module that allows you to test Web Services, save your favorite requests for future use and easy access.

There is still a lot of work and I have some ideas I want to implement in the next version. Stay tuned. I’m going to release a one more version this year.

CyD Carefull Observer 2011

CyD Careful Observer 2011 is now available. A new version has better engine to test web sites and web pages. You can notice some

A new feature Online log allows you to monitor the latest tests results as soon as Careful Observer tests remote resources. Small improvements in visual interface allow you to print and save to a file monitoring items list and online log result.

CyD Web Development Tools 2010 Beta 2

CyD Web Development Tools Beta 2 is now available. The program got a new module: Web site analyzer for SEO specialist The program analyzes WEB site and shows you report that content: Internal links, External links, Http request headers, Google rank, Page loading time. he report will contain a list of all pages on your Web site sorted by Google rank.

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